Call of Duty Black Ops II Crackfix Repack SKIDROW

Download Call of Duty Black Ops II Crackfix Repack SKIDROW

13-11-2012……Release Date
FPS…………….Game Type

We forgot to implement some new ceg functions!
Replace our old crack, with the files included in this release.
REPACK NOTE: We packed the wrong dll with the crack – UPS!

Download Call of Duty Black Ops II Crackfix Repack SKIDROW


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7 Responses to Call of Duty Black Ops II Crackfix Repack SKIDROW

  1. Lyon111 says:

    Guys, this crack does not and will not work.

    There is a fix though, an extremely simple and stupid one.

    Go to your window clock app, click change time zone (time zone, not time), and select +08:00 (hong kong time zone), and click save. Now you can open the COD BO II executable files ,and they all will work, even the multiplayer.

    Trust me. You will be surprised as I am by how this stupid thing worked!

  2. ED12 says:

    Did you tried this crack fix to say working or not ?
    also its not crack fix its Repack crack fix
    read again please

  3. mevan says:

    i’am change time zone but not work look thish error
    Error during initialization:
    Unhandled exception caught

  4. Lyon111 says:

    That fix has worked for many people.

    Download this crack fix (i downloaded from skidrow site), replace the old ones, change the time zone to hong kong one (+08:00) and it should work:

    ED12, whatever… I am trying to help and that fix worked for me. I did not invent it, but I used it and it worked, so lighten up and show some respect.

  5. Lyon111 says:

    I have discovered the problem with the crack and crackfix.

    Both have a time related issue.

    I know the fix, and it will work for all:

    Download the game;
    Install the game;
    Use the crackfix, not the crack, and replace all files in the game folder;
    Go to the time app of windows and change to hong kong time zone;
    And also change your date into November 13, 2012. It must be the 13th (which is the date the game was launched).
    Now it will work always, in the first and second. It will not crash.

    Make sure your windows clock app remain on the 13th, because my game crashed when the date passed to the 14th, not right away, but it did.

    I know this may sound stupid, but the crack and crackfix have a time issue of some sort, so this does the trick.

    Have fun.

  6. apcboss says:

    Lyon111 is right it only worked once i changed date and timezone …..Thanks for the tip

  7. Lyon111 says:

    Thanks brother. Share it with other, so that they can enjoy the game as you are now.

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